VLOG - ManYoga do you measure up to your WOMAN?

This husband and wife put it to the test in a hot yoga session - aka a fusion bikram style yoga class. Spoiler alert - it gets sweaty! From nasty to namaste! Music by: Breakmaster Cylinder and Benny B. Blanco


a Freakin Rad film.

Why I'm Not Cleansing For the New Year . . .

I love to cleanse.  Weird, I know. I’ve done many different kinds of cleanses and I’ve done them often.  Of course, during the wedding, holidays, honeymoon, traveling and more holidays, I let loose. And I just thought, “It’s all good, I’m going to cleanse in January”.

But, as January approached, I felt this resistance … and then my thought was, “Well, I’ll just do a really short cleanse” … and then more resistance.

Then I realized, my body didn’t want to.

Granted, cleansing is hard! So, there is always a part of me that doesn’t really want to cleanse. Especially, because when I cleanse, I go all out, which usually results in feeling this power within me that I can only describe as a vibration.  Almost a high.  I feel a mental clarity that I don’t experience usually unless I’m cleansing.  And I love it.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s just downright hard. Especially, socially.  When I cleanse, I need a lot more sleep, I’m cold all the time— we’re talking teeth chattering, unbearably cold to the core — and I can’t exercise. At least not with the intensity that I like to exercise. I can’t ski and lift and run or do Bikram - which is what I’m doing.

I’m sure I’ll cleanse at some point.  But, for this New Year, I want to be STRONG. I want to be strong and cut and vibrant and full of, not just energy, but unstoppable, exuberant energy. So, I will ski and lift and run and do Bikram.

Oh yeah, I’m taking Karate too.