Go There.


Two weeks ago, I found myself shivering on the dusty floor of a dank, dark house.  

And I just had to go there.  Go where … ?

… to the deep dark place in depth of your gut where your pain is imbedded on the lining of your innards. To that place that you don’t normally let people see, and then, you let people see it.  

Once you go there and find it, you rip it out and splatter it on the wall.  But, you put it back between takes, just don’t let the energy die, let it simmer.  And when ‘action’ is called, softly, the moment begins where you look into the eyes of another coming towards you and you feel  the moment.

Oh, the moment, where a connection is made and your synapses fire as your brain and your heart correspondingly say, ‘yes, I know what to do!’  Tears come.  Your voice crackles. It’s as if you are out of body, and there is an omniscience to what is happening.  An all-knowingness, that is pricked by surprise of breathing in the moment …  oh, that glorious moment.

It’s not that often we get to experience these moments.  Because in normal life, these are not places we are allowed to go … and when we do, it’s painful.  Soul wrenchingly, searingly painful. So we bury it.  And we don’t go there …

Until ‘action’ is called.