Do Something New

One thing I love about being an actress and a fitness/adventure enthusiast is all the new things I get to try.  Last month alone, I played an attorney, an addict and a rock climber.

According to Gretchen Rubin, one of my favorite podcasters and author of "The Happiness Project" as well as "Better than Before",  "trying something new is an excellent way of boosting happiness". (You can listen to her podcast here).

Well, a couple years ago, Coca-Cola challenged filmmakers in a competition to make a web spot about having an experience trying something new for the first time.  

So, Boston, Andrew Hancock and I took on the challenge and decided to do 100 new things in 10 days.  We made a rule for ourselves that as long as 1 of the 3 of us had never done a particular activity it qualified and we would film it.

So fun . . . Well, it was the middle of winter so a lot of our activities were filmed in the cold - like a polar bear swim.  And it turns out, doing 100 new things while filming, is a lot of work, resulting in not a lot of sleep especially while holding normal jobs, celebrating Valentine's day and planning a surprise birthday party. But, it was worth it: we won the contest and Boston was named Coca-Cola's International Online Content Director of the year, which we find funny because we don't even really know what that means.

We did a lot of really cool things for this spot, like flying airplanes and going ice climbing, but I still have yet to go sky diving . . .