What a Riot

Being an actress definitely has its ups and downs.  These past two weeks have been pretty up as I’ve been able to attend a couple screenings of two films I’ve been in in the past year.

Usually, when I book a project people ask me, “When can we watch it?” and my answer usually is, “I have no idea”.

Some of my films never come out of the woodworks.  And then other times I get surprised, like when I got off my day job one evening and my phone had exploded with texts from people who had seen me on ABC’s ‘What Would You Do’ where I had played an abused girlfriend.  (While filming this episode, the host John Quinones called me “Remy” to which, I promptly interrupted him as he was talking to the camera and was like, “--it’s Renny”). Usually, I don’t bother to correct people because they get my name wrong every day, but hey, if my name is going to be mentioned on national television, it better be right!

Or the time, a near perfect stranger walked up to me and said, “Hey, were you in ‘Vamp U’?” Totally taken aback, I replied, “Yes”, and he proceeded to tell me that he and his buddies have a habit of renting the most obscure movies off of Redbox and that one happened to be one of them.  

Well, this week, I was able to watch Riot where I played a district attorney working to expose corruption within the local prison and government. Let me just say, that seeing one of my films for the first time is terrifying.  I always resolve to put a smile on my face, but the anxiety that I experience from watching myself usually makes me quite short of breath, over heated and a little nauseous, (panic attack anyone)?

The funny thing about “Riot” is, it had the MMA fighter Chuck Liddell in it, whom I didn’t even get to meet until the screening, as well as Dolph Lundgren from Rocky 4 whom I barely met on the last day of shooting.  (Fun tidbit about Dolph: his partner was giggling at the fact that he was taking more selfies than his teenage daughter - it was even funnier to hear him explain in his accent that it was for ‘social media’.)

So, where can you watch "Riot"? I have no idea.  The good news is, it's been purchased by Universal which means it will be available somewhere, sometime. You might even find it on TV one day, before I do =)

Watch the trailer for Riot below!